Public Disclosure Schedule

Public Disclosure Schedule(PSD) is one of the mandatory State Level Reforms under JNNURM. Under this law, urban local bodies (ULBs) have to voluntarily declare information about its functioning, which includes, annual statements of performance covering operating and financial parameters and service levels for various services on a periodic basis to the public.

Need for PDS

  • The goal of public disclosure is to institute
    and accountability in the functioning of municipalities
    through publication of information pertaining to various
    facets of municipal governance.
  • JNNURM envisages the enactment of a
    Public Disclosure Law (PDL) to ensure release of
    quarterly performance information to all stakeholders.

  • Core objectives of Public Disclosure Law :
  • To provide appropriate financial and operational information on various municipal services to citizens and other stakeholders.
  • To promote efficiency and consistency in the delivery of public goods and services by the municipality.
  • To enable comparison over time (of a particular ULB) and space (between ULBs) by disseminating information in a structured, regular and standardized manner.
Role of ULBs

The notification states that ULBs and other agencies providing municipal services have to voluntarily declare information on service levels in the following manner
A summary of the information disclosed in at least one newspaper circulated in the district providing the address of         the office, website and/ or e-mail and other contact details where full information may be accessed
Full disclosure of all information on the website of the local authority
Notice board of the Local Authority
Notice board of Ward offices, if any; The Schedule to the notification provides the details of the information to be         disclosed by ULBs, frequency of disclosure (half-yearly, annual etc), level of disclosure (ward, city) and period for which
         information has to be disclosed (one year, etc).