Raising and Maintenance of Plantation

75000 numbers of saplings have been planted during 2019-20 all along avenues and in other vacant places.

Raising of Seedlings in Nurseries

During the year 2018-19s Seedlings have been raised and being maintained. It is proposed to develop basic infrastructre for creating 4 new Nurseries during 2019-20.

Tree Canopy Management

The BBMP Forest wing has been continuously striving hard to overcome the problems of tree, the public caused due to dried and dangerous trees by granting permission for removal of such trees/branches of the trees under Karnataka Preservation of Tree Act 1976 under relevent Actions. Totally there are 21 tree canopy Management teams are Working.

Tree Census

To know the present status of Greenery and also know the number of trees existing in 198 wards of BBMP, the species to which they belong and their health status etc., the work of tree Enumeration has been entrusted to Institute of wood Science and Technology which is an autonomus body under control of Central Government