Developed Parks in Bangalore

Bangalore is rightfully known as the “Garden City of India”. Owing to the pleasant climate and topography, greenery and the presence of many public parks and gardens. Though the city has grown in many ways, it still has retained its earlier beauty through its green landscapes. Some of them have been beautified over the years.

Musical Fountain Parks

Along with the modernization and more entertaining needs of Bangaloreans,there are many Amusement and Water Parks. There are a number of mounted images of cartoon characters spread across the park. The highlight of the place is the musical fountain that mesmerizes kids and adults alike.

Parks with Play Area

The uniqueness about these parks are they provides games and play area in military themes, enabling the children to improve their physical, mental abilities with fun and excitement. The other attractions are the manned waterfalls, tarzan swing, burma bridge, zig zag tunnels, spider webs, sand pits, ponds and balance bars. This can be challenging for a toddler but definitely a treat for an adventure loving kid.

Parks with Medicinal Plants

The Major parks like Lalbhag, etc have the Medicinal plants in the park which indeed makes the people to sense the medicines. The eco friendly parks have a large collection of indigenous and imported species of flora and fauna. It is maintained without the use of any pesticides or insecticides. Thus the park offers fresh unpolluted breath of air for the nature lovers in the midst of the buzzing IT city.